We take your personal information very seriously, it's your right to know exactly what information we store and why. Below is a table of what data we store and why.

Data Reason
Username We store your chosen username in order to uniquely identify you when using the site.
Password We store your chosen password in order to ensure that only you can access your account. Passwords are never stored in plain text and are always encrypted for security reasons.
Email We store your email address in order to verify that you are not a spammer and so we can contact you should the need arise.
Registration Date We store the date you registered on the site for statistical and analytical reasons.
Last Login We store the date and time of your last login for statistical and analytical reasons.
Registration IP Address We store the IP address you used to register to help prevent spam on the site.
Last IP We store the last IP you used to login to help prevent account hijacking and spam.

We do not share your personal information with any third party and will always strive to protect your data from loss and theft. If you have any questions regarding privacy or your data, please contact us.