Terms of Use

Ok, you hate these, I hate these. However, they are a necessity in today's world so I'm going to make it as nice as possible.

Don't be a Dick

Statistically 36% of people are dicks. Don't annoy people, upset people, anger people or provoke people and you'll be fine. Come on, you're better than that!

Don't Spam

Noone is interested in the new dating site you've found. Get lost.

Don't Break the Law

Goes without saying. If you do, I have to make lots of phone calls and file lots of reports, just so your sorry ass ends up in jail.

Don't be a Hater

Whether you're a sexist, racist or homophobe. You're getting banned.

Don't be a Hero

If someone is being a dick (see above) don't engage them and get into a flame war. Report their comment, sit back and know you did the right thing.

Will's Decision is Final

In short, if I think you're being a dick, then you ARE being a dick.

Any instance of the word 'law' in this document refers to UK Law. If a user should violate UK law in any way, they will be reported to the appropriate authorities.